26 FEB - 4 MAR 2018

Started in 1998, CinemAfrica is Scandinavia’s largest African and African Diaspora film festival, aiming to celebrate cultures and people through the vital language of film. In addition to an annual film festival, and event screenings held throughout the year, CinemAfrica is also a pedagogical platform for children and youth. We warmly invite you to support our work by becoming a member and participating in our various activities in both Stockholm and Umea.

Film Director Country Length Language Year Theme
Narrative Long
A Day For Women Kamla Abou Zekri Egypt 110 mins Arabic 2016 Phenomenal Women
A Hotel Called Memory Akin Omotoso South Africa 50 mins Silent 2017 Films That Happen
A Season In France Mahamat Saleh Haroun France 100 mins French 2017 Impermanence
Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim Sherif El Bendary Egypt 92 mins Arabic 2017 Faith
Body And Soul Oscar Micheaux U.S.A. 102 mins Silent/English 1925 Oscar Micheaux
I Am Not A Witch Rungano Nyoni Uk, France 92 mins Bemba, English 2017 Phenomenal Women
Felicité Alain Gomis Senegal/France 123 mins Lingala 2017 Phenomenal Women
Grey Matter Kivu Ruhorahoza Rwanda 100 mins Kinyarwanda/French 2011 Films That Happen
Headbang Lullaby Hicham Lasri Morocco/France 111 mins Arabic 2017 Places
High Fantasy Jenna Bass South Africa 71 mins English 2017 Race|Identity
Lola Pater Nadir Mokneche Algeria/France/Belgium 95 mins French 2017 Breaking Binary
Potato Potahto Shirley Frimpong Manso Ghana/Nigeria 115 mins English 2017 Umea
Razzia Nabil Ayouch Morocco/France/Belgium 120 mins Arabic, French 2017 Places
Sheikh Jackson Amr Salama Egypt 93 mins Arabic 2017 Faith and Matter
The Bull On The Roof Jyoti Mistry South Africa 80 mins English 2010 Films That Happen
The Girl from Chicago Oscar Micheaux U.S.A. 70 mins English 1932 Oscar Micheaux
The Symbol Of the Unconquered Oscar Micheaux U.S.A. 54 mins Silent/English 1920 Oscar Micheaux
The Wound (Inxeba) John Trengrove South Africa 88 mins Xhosa 2016 Breaking Binary
Vaya Akin Omotoso South Africa 110 mins Zulu 2017 Places
Within Our Gates Oscar Micheaux U.S.A 79 mins Silent/English 1920 Oscar Micheaux

An Opera Of The World Manthia Diawara Mali 70 mins English|French 2017 Impermanence
Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Sophie Fiennes Uk 115 mins English|Jamaican Potois 2017 Word Sound Image
Conversations On Sunday Afternoon Khalo Matabane South Africa 80 mins Zulu/Swahili/English/French 2005 Films That Happen
Mama Colonel Dieudo Hamadi Congo/France 72 mins Lingala/Swahili French 2017 #metoo
Sacred Water Olivier Jourdain Belgium 56 mins Kinyarwanda 2016 Sexuality Power
Sammy Davis Jr: I've Got To Be Me Sam Pollard USA 100 mins English 2017 Word Sound Image
Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart Tracy Heather Strain USA 118 mins English 2017 Word Sound Image
Silas Anjali Nayar, Hawa Essuman Kenya/S Africa/Canada 80 mins English/Liberian English 2017 Activism
Strike A Rock Aliki Saragas South Africa 87 mins Xhosa/English 2017 Activism
Upon The Shadow Nada Mezni Hafaiedh Tunisia 80 mins Arabic 2017 Breaking Binary
Uprize! Sifiso Khanyile South Africa 58 mins Sesotho, Zulu, Afrikaans, English 2017 Activism
Word Is Bond Sacha Jenkins USA 88 mins English 2017 Word Sound Image

Shorts And Videos
Afro Punk Girl Annetta Laufer UK 15 mins English 2016 AfroFutures
All The Rest Is The Work Of Man Doria Achour Tunisia| France 15 mins Arabic French 2016 Impermanence
Amine Beverley Bennett UK 15 mins English 2017 Breaking Binary
And Nothing Happened Naima Chapman 15 mins English 2016 #metoo
Ass 4 Sale Tabita Rezaire Guyana/South Africa 20 mins English 2015 Sexuality Power
Black Boys Dont Cry IGGYLDN UK 4 mins English 2017 Masculinity
Black Men Dream Shikeith Cathey USA 44 mins English 2015 Masculinity
Dear Mr. Shakespeare Shola Amoo UK 5 mins English 2017 Word Sound Image
DemDem Pape Bouname Lopy Senegal|Belgium|Luxembourg 25 mins Wolof/French 2017 Impermanence
ITIFWORQ/Double Gold Sosena Solomon Ethiopia 8 mins Amharic 2017 Phenomenal Women
L'Echappé Hamid Saidji/ Jonathan Mason Algeria/France 21 mins Arabic/French 2016 Impermanence
Life After Life Christian Rwanda 19 mins 2016 Faith and Matter
Facing The Wall Alamork Marsha Ethiopia/Israel 26 mins Amharic/Hebrew 2016 Impermanence
Fatherhood IGGYLDN UK 5 mins English 2016 Masculinities
Fifteen Sameh Alaa Egypt 11 mins Arabic/French 2017 Places
Giverny I (Negresse Imperiale) Ja'Tovia Gary USA 6 mins English 2017 Identity
Honey And Old Cheese Yassine El Idrissi Morocco/Netherlands 25 mins Arabic/English 2016 Impermanence
Iman Mia Bittar Sudan 44 mins Sudanese Arabic 2017 Faith and Matter
Mahogany Too Akosua Adoma Owusu Ghana/USA 4 mins English 2017 Identity
Martyren Ahmed Abdullahi Sverige 30 mins Swedish, Somali, Arabic 2017 Faith and Matter
Monochrome Seye Isikalu UK 4 mins English 2017 Masculinities
On Monday Of Last Week Akosua Adoma Owusu Ghana/USA 15 mins English 2017 Identity
Same Sex Biz Tabita Rezaire Guyana/South Africa 6 mins English 2014 Breaking Binary
See You Yesterday Stefon Bristol USA 15 mins English 2017 AfroFutures
Something Said Jay Bernard UK 7 mins English 2017 Breaking Binary
The Secret Of Happiness Mutiganda wa Nkunda Rwanda 15 mins Kinyarwanda 2017 Sexuality Power
The Words I Do Not have Yet Phoebe Boswell UK 11 mins English #metoo
They Charge For The Sun Terence Nance USA 16 mins English 2017 AfroFutures
Tikitat A Soulima Ayoub Layoussifi Morocco 30 mins Arabic 2016 Places
Walk For Me Elegance Bratton USA 12 mins English 2016 Breaking Binary
Who Am I? Wanuri Kahiu and Nick Reding Kenya 30 mins Swahili/English 2017 Skolbio

Because I Am Lawrie Zidanya Zimbabwe 6 mins English 2017 Breaking Binary
black enuf* Carrie Hawks USA 22 mins English 2016 Identity

Let This Be A Warning Nest Collective Kenya 10 mins English Africa 360
Nairobi Berries Ng'endo Mukii Kenya 8 mins Africa 360
Spirit Robot Jonathan Dotse Ghana/South Africa 9 mins Africa 360
The Other Dakar Selly Raby Kane Senegal 8 mins Africa 360